Your story 2:22

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Your story 2:22

Simpleasme, the platform you can get inspired by other people, just like you, who share their stories, experience and insights related to their life or personal point of view. We know that personal stories can connect people emotionally to each other. In Simpleasme, everyone can share their story in a video format of 2 min and 22 sec is a unique platfrom of video contents of personal, authentic stories made by people and brand’. Worldwide based on their own life experience. Every person in the world, from the age of 18 onward, may upload their stories on a selfie video up to 2:22 minutes all around the world.
The platfrom perpetuates personal insights, knowledge (the vision is to be the largest bank of true stories inspired and knowledgeable about human emotions, thoughts and actions. So that everyone in the world, regardless of religion, race or gender, can find solutions for people who have just undergone what you are going through) ,oral wisdoms, way of handling, business success, failures and anything that can be taught in 2:22 minutes time .


2:22 Simpleasme shares thousands of inspirational life stories told at our LIVE events and communicated worldwide using an electronic video platform. The stories are handpicked and predetermined by expert story teller and founder Hila Sidi. Hila shares the stage with people from all walks of life that have overcome obstacles and have succeeded against all odds and have realized something inspiring and worth sharing with others. Whether the event is open to the public or uniquely designed for a company/ organization these stories told under 2 minutes and 22 seconds are based on authentic moments in life and are great inspirations.


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