Our language

Authentic Me – Simple as Me asks you to tell your personal story in your own authentic way; which reflects you as you truly are.
Thus, you will become a real inspiration for as many people as possible.

Real Me – Simple as Me asks you to tell your story in your own personal and true identity.

Nice Me – Simple as me invites you to share your inspiration and, at the same time, to react to and to share the inspiration of other people.
Please express your reaction in a spirit of mutual respect and of positivity.

One Me – Simple as Me – Inspiration has no color, gender, character or religion.
Please show respect for all the colors of the human spectrum in the entire world, for we are all part of the same human tapestry.

Respect Me – Simple as Me asks you to respect and to cherish the language of our community;
thus, we will succeed in effecting a greater influence on people all over the world and we will leave our mark in the world.

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